Charli XCX Re-releases “Unlock It” Thanks To TikTok

If you didn’t listen to Charli XCX’s “Unlock It” when it first dropped in 2017, you’ve probably heard it now.


Lots of Love for “Unlock It”

TikTok is an interesting platform, because it proves that even established artists like Charli XCX and existing songs like “Unlock It” can still go viral.


“Unlock It” was originally one of 10 songs off of Charli XCX’s 2017 mixtape, Pop 2. The critically-acclaimed record showcased her talent for eclectic pop sounds and chart-topping collaborations. This song, “Unlock It,” featured fellow pop star Kim Petras and K-Pop rapper Jay Park. 


For years after its release, though, it’s finally getting mainstream love. From the start, the song was a fan favorite and a staple in every Charli XCX show. Now, it’s even more than that. “Unlock It” is part of a TikTok dance craze. 


The video streaming platform has allowed this hyper-pop track 2tofeel fresh and new once again. In the dance, someone runs towards the camera and when the beat drops, unveiling the bouncy lyrical and instrumental chorus, they point towards the camera and bop around. It’s a simple dance that anyone can get on board with. Even some of the biggest stars on and off TikTok have participated. 


Addison Rae, the latest musician to come from the app who is also the highest paid creator on the platform, is just one of many. XCX praised Rae for her cute, upbeat dance moves to the equal as up-tempo song. 


Charli XCXherself also got in on the action, posting her version of the dance trend to her very own hit on both Tik Tok and Instagram


It’s All About The Visuals With Charli XCX

Because of its newfound growth four years in, Miss XCX thought it was time for her to capitalize on the viral success.  Amazed and in awe of her electro-pop track, she released it with a brand-new visualizer.


Fans of the UK-born popstar know that she is all about the visual aspect of her career. The Charli XCX brand, all of her music, every video, her merchandise, and everything in between matches who she is. 


Artistically and aesthetically, Charli XCX is a glittery, colorful pop star. Her experimentation and dance-inspired style has it’s own look and feeling. The re-release of “Unlock It” fits right in with that. The new visualizer is an ode to that look, live music, in-person collaborating, and a genuine passion for art design. 


ummmm thank u for all the love for unlock it . Ag and I always felt that song was really special. it came together so quickly in New York whilst we were recording pop 2. i know it’s always been a special song to the angels too (taste!) and it’s kinda cool that loads of other people are starting to discover it all of the globe  […] I made a cute little visualizer that’s up on YouTube now,” the singer-songwriter wrote in an Instagram caption alongside a clip of the video.


If you have ever wanted to go to a Charli XCX concert, dance to a Charli XCX song, or attend a rave with Charli XCX yourself, this song, this dance craze, and this visualizer is for you.


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