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Featured Artist: Priya Ragu Wants You To Go ‘Easy’

This Featured Artist adopts her Sri Lankan-Tamil heritage in her music, etching a craftmanship inspiring generations to come.

Following 2021’s Tamil-flavored debut mixtape damshestamil, Priya Ragu delves into her electro-pop and sleek R&B bag for her new single, “Easy.”

As a former Featured Artist, Ragu’s bright-edged genre blend still makes 2020’s debut single, “Good Love 2.0,” fresher than ever. Popular BBC radio show Future Sounds played the release, further cementing her with Warner Music in October 2020.

Now, her new single “Easy” is a natural evolution for the Tamil-Swiss singer-songwriter. The UK-garage adjacent production features a quick snare drum pumping Ragu’s soul-pop delivery in a Tinashe-esque “Life’s Too Short” way.

“We tend to make things way too complicated, Ragu commented on the single. “We don’t want to move too quickly, we don’t want to say it too fast – we expect the other to make the first step – we dance between expectation, ego, and fear of rejection. I’m describing a moment where one is giving the green light but nothing is moving at all.”

The summer single’s accompanying music video shares a similar seasonal flare, with Priya cruising the local scene with friends. The video was directed by Jade Ang Jackman at PRETTYBIRD.

More About Priya Ragu

In a conversation with Never Have I Ever actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan for Vogue India, Ragu and her bond over their shared Eelam Tamil heritage. “For me, the fusion of Tamil and Western music happened organically,” Ragu told the magazine.

The singer’s 2022 single “Adalam Va” ( meaning “Let’s Dance”) juxtaposes traditional color schemes against modern looks, fresh choreography, and an explosive chorus.

Singing at family weddings with her father and producer brother wasn’t enough for Ragu. The then-accountant quit her job at Swiss International Airlines to pursue a music career at 36. While “Ragu” is a play on her surname Ragupathylingam, the stage name reflects her ‘ragu wavy’ sound: a mixture of R&B, soul, and Tamil music.

“My parents were very strict and they didn’t allow me to even listen to Western music sometimes,” she told British Vogue.

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