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The Helluva Good Soundtrack of Hades

I’ve recently gone back to a 2020 Hit from the action game genre. This little game beat out the amazingly brutal and fun DOOM: Eternal, so you know I was curious. What I was treated to was an incredible Rogue-Like with a wonderfully executed story and great characters… Oh yeah, I also got one of the most impeccable and phenomenally done soundtracks ever! Now, let’s grab our mystic weapon of choice and go through the chambers to escape and discover the helluva good soundtrack of… Hades



Honoring Mythology and Tone: 

Now, it can’t be overstated just how impressive and essential Darren Korb is to this game. He isn’t just the main composer for, what he calls, “Mediterranean Prog-Rock Halloween” music, but he’s also the voice actor for the main character! So let’s take a look at three examples where the OST for Hades absolutely slaps! (Plus, it expands upon its character and sets an amazing tone.)

Lament of Orpheus:

Now, I get it, this isn’t the blood pumping stuff I was talking about. HOWEVER, this does paint the picture of what occured to one of the characters of the game: Orpheus. From an experience perspective, you hear him share this song about his lost love that died and how he failed her. “From what?” you ask. An afterlife in the underworld, that is! It’s a beautifully performed song too! The vocal delivery by Darren in this is just muah, chef’s kiss.  

The Bloodless: 

Okay, we’re getting there. The Bloodless is one of the many instrumental-only songs that play during gameplay. This one specifically comes on when you enter the “Barge of Death” in a run, an intense gauntlet in close quarters. It’s a perfect “I’m not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with me” track. The build up, the consistent strumming and crescendo of the electric guitar makes this one perfect for a warm up at the gym. 

The Unseen Ones: 

We’re finally here. The end… of both the article and the run! You think you’ve just beaten the final boss but wait! His health bar just filled back up for another round! You hear this and you’re in it, man! Electric guitar is completely at the forefront as it perfectly encapsulates the intensity of the battle. Alongside that, there’s the incorporation of the simple four chord motif that follows you from the start screen to the death screen. You’re in this and it’s your chance to escape! So take it! Fight! If “The Bloodless” is a warm up? This one’s for going beyond! 

The soundtrack for Hades is amazing! The way the music perfectly captures the intensity and mystique of the fights and characters is just so good! I highly recommend Hades for anyone who’s been wanting to challenge themselves and loves rock! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.  

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