February 02, 2023



Joan’s “So Good” Is The Epitome Of A Catchy Bop

Genuine alternative pop bops are usually a blip in that genre’s radar. Why? Because there are so many hits being made for that market. Joan’s new song, though, is literally and figuratively, “So Good.” It is sure to surpass any and all alternative pop expectations because of that, too.


Infectious, Catchy, Memorable…

We can go on and on, really. There simply aren’t enough words to describe just how unforgettable this new joan song is. It’s an ear worm at it’s finest thanks to it’s buzzing production values and upbeat stylings. The is an air of early 2000’s boy band within the sound, as well.


As intricately crafted as the song is, it’s also wonderfully casual. It’s fun, warming, and easy breezy. Fans can expect to turn the volume up and push the windows down when this track comes on. The essence of the right place at the right time and heartwarming memories being made is ever evident.


The band themselves spoke about how they got this song together and the feeling they wanted to evoke from it. “So Good” is about “feeling like you’re meant to be with someone who just walked in the room. it’s about being around someone that just makes your life feel good. it’s about wishing that person was there your whole life, because you didn’t realize how good it could be. here’s hoping you have that someone, or hoping you find them soon,” they told DIY Magazine.


Joan Welcome The Wave Era

This song is also setting up a brand new era for the Arkansas Duo. Aptly titled, the wave era, the band is embarking on this surf pop take on the alternative genre. So far it’s been slick and creative, as well as ridiculously infectious – as previously discussed. The pair dove into that, as well, for DIY Magazine.


“After we released ‘cloudy/partly cloudy’, we got straight to work, writing so many new songs. we found that the songs were naturally falling in two different camps. so, we decided rather than trying to force them to work together, it would be more interesting to release two ep’s over the course of the year. welcome to the wave era – here comes a new joan song each month through the end of the year.”


Music lovers everywhere can expect these two mini records to be coming soon. Kicking off this new musical path with “So Good” was, and is, the perfect choice. This song is not only a fun-loving single, but a wonderful introduction for new fans. The more this song grows, the better their two upcoming EPs will do. Then, if we are all lucky, joan will continue to thrive and release alternative pop music for the ages.


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