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LIBERATO: The Echo of a Local Culture in an Increasingly Globalized World

7 inedits mixing rap, dance and neomelodic

After 2 years from the last one, “ULTRAS”, LIBERATO is finally out with a new album. The project counts on seven inedits for a total of 27 minutes of music. The music has the iconic mix of urban rap, dance music and neomelodic bars. 

LIBERATO continues with his attempt to export the local sound of his hometown. The city of Naples, Italy, has always been crucial to his music. LIBERATOs origins are fascinating, in the same way as his music and everything connected to it. The language and the communication are different, but his music makes no barriers despite all.

The new album “LIBERATO II” is able to tell stories that don’t even need words. The lyrics, which are quite complex even for Italians – because of the dialect – don’t need explanations. Because the music speaks for itself, and tells us the story everyone wants to hear. This is a project that doesn’t have bangers like the previous albums. Yet it makes sense in its completeness. Every track is connected to the next one, from the first to the last one, something is truly felt in every sentiment expressed. A very personal project and also for this reason has no featured artists. LIBERATO indeed has never really loved collabs, as his music career shows. Almost as if this were a devaluation of his work.

The beauty of an unknown Italian culture

LIBERATO II” is the second chapter of the first album dropped in 2019. It proceeds to tell stories from the beautiful city of Naples and its surroundings. The artist’s vision was extremely calculated to bring out the beauty of this land and culture. The music videos are also a crucial part of the Italian singer’s poetry. They show us all the secrets of a tradition that has a lot to tell. Everyone around the world can now experience these customs revealed by the artist. 

In an increasingly globalized world, LIBERATO is the echo of a local culture. There are things to be rediscovered in this part of Italian culture. LIBERATO found a way to do it. In his special way, as he always did. “LIBERATO II” is just another chapter of this path. 

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