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JC Stewart is Proud of His “Scars”

Rising pop singer-songwriter JC Stewart released his newest single “Scars,” following on February’s “Love Like That.”

“Scars” is About Coming Back to Life

“Scars” is out now via Elektra Records. As usual, JC gives us his all in the song, which is honest, catchy, and makes you want to dance. The song simply talks about being proud of the scars that make us who we are, and seeing them as something positive to help us look forward.

“I wear my scars like diamonds on a bracelet. They hurt like hell, but they’re the ones that made me. I wear my scars and the stories that they’re paintin’. They hurt likе hell, but damn, it feels amazin’” JC sings in the chorus.

JC shares, “‘Scars’ is a song about coming back to life. I wrote it after coming out of a weird time and realizing that maybe I was meant to go through it. Maybe all the challenges and hardships are there to make us better and stronger and better equipped to love the people around us. I love the euphoria that this song gives me, and it really lifts me when I’m starting to get down again. I hope it can do the same for other people!”

JC wrote “Scars” with producer Anton Hård and co-writer Linnea Södahl. The track follows “Love Like That” as JC’s second single of the year, and arrives on the heels of his nomination for Best Push Performance at the 2021 MTV VMAs. Last year, he released the singles “Break My Heart,” “Loud,” and “Don’t Say You Love Me.”

JC is Playing at an Array of Festivals This Summer

JC is currently on the road in Europe and the United Kingdom on his headline The Tour After The Tour That Didn’t Tour. His next stops will be in Belfast, UK, and Dublin, Ireland. After that, he will continue performing during summer festivals in the UK and Europe as well. Some of them include Boardmasters, Bardfest, Pinkpop, Hurricane, Southside, and Poolbar. For a full list of dates and tickets, click here.

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