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Ghali’s New Track “Chiagne Ancora” Features LIBERATO and J Lord

Precursor of Italian’s trap scene

Dropped on the 22 of June, “Chiagne Ancora” is the new single of Ghali. Together with other artists, the rapper was one of the precursors of the trap genre in Italy.
In 2016, indeed, the huge success of his “Dende” (62 millions of visuals, unimaginable for that standard) opened an important door to the national rap movement. Five years later, Ghali became a recognized superstar, not only in his country, with important collaborations with artists such as Stormzy, Lacrim and Noizy.

The successes of his songs, but also the albums, are almost a certainty. He never goes wrong. But with “Chiagne Ancora“, the artist wants to raise the bar. Also the guests on the track are so special: we’re talking about the mysterious LIBERATO and the young ’04 J Lord, both from the beautiful city of Naples.

What works are the different attitudes of the guests, united with Ghali’s sound. The verses of J Lord and Ghali are the perfect accompaniment for the chorus. Then it’s completely LIBERATO’s territory. The singer improves the song with an incredible change of mood and his special voice, always a pleasure to listen to.

Young, talented and multiethnic

Chiagne Ancora” is a project by three heads that together try to show the best their music can do, an enjoyable experiment that, needless to say, works.
They’re young, talented and multiethnic. The trio Ghali, LIBERATO and J Lord is what Italian music deserved (and needed) the most. Icon of new generations, Ghali has now moved into a different mode of sound. Not more, and not only, the classic pop, but instead an alternative neomelodic one.
This explains the choices of the guests, considering also that Naples is the capital of melodic music in Italy.

After Ghali’s 41 platinum and 31 gold certifications, “Chiagne Ancora” now has huge expectations for its results. And that it’s normal, because of the affection of the fans to him. The various charts will tell the truth, but as we know numbers are just numbers. Because music can’t be relegated in columns, there’s a lot of more.

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