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Leigh-Anne of Little Mix Goes Solo in Powerful Single ‘Don’t Say Love’

Leigh-Anne proves herself self-assured and powerful in her first solo single, “Don’t Say Love.”

“Don’t Say Love,” Say Something Real

Leigh-Anne just dropped her first-ever solo single, “Don’t Say Love.” With hints of R&B, afrobeats, and a barer version of dance-pop, the debut single evokes self-confidence and pride.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock, now known as simply Leigh-Anne, speaks about what this solo debut means to her in an interview with Rolling Stone. Tomás Mier at Rolling Stone writes that Leigh-Anne created her debut single about “wanting to be loved wholeheartedly.”

“It’s about not needing to seek external validation and wanting something real. I really wanted to express the pain and frustration that came with feeling invisible and unheard for so much of my career. It’s been a healing process. I can [now] close the door to this time of my life, move on, and really own this newfound confidence.”

In an Instagram post announcing the release of the song, Leigh-Anne summarizes what the song embodies and how happy she is to share it.

“Don’t Say Love is all YOURS 😩🥹❤️ this song is strength, resilience and POWER and I am so proud to finally show it to the world! We’re just getting started! 💚”

The song is a smooth, fun bop. Check out the music video below to see Leigh-Anne express her journey.

Leigh-Anne and Little Mix

Leigh-Anne is a former member of Little Mix, a British girl group that disbanded in 2022. In the same interview with Rolling Stone, she talks about what the girl group meant to her and what it still means to her.

“Although I am nervous to do this journey alone and sometimes wish I had the girls’ hands to hold through it, I know they are on the other side of the phone. They have my back, they want me to win. As I do them. We are genuinely sisters for life.”

Her words reveal her wholesome and genuine friendship with her former group members.

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