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Discover FIZZ and Their New Pop Single, “High In Brighton”

Supergroup FIZZ released their debut single “High In Brighton,” letting us get a taste of their new upcoming album.

Discover with us Orla Gartland & Dodie‘s FIZZ and all their recent announcements here.

Meet FIZZ, Orla Gartland & Dodie’s New Music Project

FIZZ is the new group formed by two artists Orla Gartland and Dodie, two incredible solo artists that just a few years ago decided to collaborate on a new group project. The artists started their new journey joined by Greta Isaac and Martin Luke Brown.

2023 marked the official release of the debut album. The group released their first single, “High In Brighton,” setting the tone for their upcoming music as well. The single is a light-hearted tune, giving a musical song mixed with dream pop vibes.

More Than One Announcement

The new band arrived with a huge series of announcements: beginning with the release of their new single, they also shared the news of an upcoming debut album as well as a headlining event. The band is full of surprises and ready to welcome us to their new big project.

The band came with endless news about their recent future, starting from the announcement of a new album. The Secret to Life will come sooner rather than later. The album, featuring their single “High In Brighton,” will come out on September 15th.

Moreover, the four artists also announced their first event night. On June 21, the group will play their first-ever headlining show in London. The exciting news is admittedly a bit expected, considering the immediate success of the band and their new single.

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