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Kid Cudi Had An Attention-Grabbing “SNL” Performance

Saturday Night Live’s Celebrated Music Guest

This past Saturday Kid Cudi performed some of his new music on the iconic Saturday Night Live stage. Hosted by actress Carey Milligan, the night was full of unexpected moments – one of the most notable being Kid Cudi’s swag.

The Grammy-winning artist recently hopped back on the hip-hop scene with his eighth album, Man on The Moon III: The Chosen. The album built up a lot of anticipation from fans, mainly because it is the last record in the trilogy that made Cudi a superstar.

Kid Cudi has been pretty quiet since dropping the project in early December 2020. This NYC stop was his first performance in years, too, so it was only right that he did something memorable. During his performances, Cudi even went as far as to pay tribute to late celebrities. These included comedian and SNL alum Chris Farley and grunge icon and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.


Kid Cudi’s Performance Featured Small Tributes

The first song Kid Cudi performed was “Tequila Shots,”  which is did wearing a shirt with Chris Farley’s face on it. Farley was a legendary force on SNL from 1990 to 1995, but tragically died of a drug overdose in 1997.

Kid Cudi also paid tribute to the late genius of Kurt Cobain. While performing the song “Sad People” Cudi wore a floral OFF-WHITE dress similar to the one Cobain was photographed in for the 1993 cover of the magazine, The Face. Cobain tragically committed suicide in 1994.

Aside From Cudi’s interesting fashion choices and heartfelt tributes, his performance was amazing. There were a few times where the vocals were a bit off, but between the light show, live instruments, and Cudi’s beaming energy, it was a pretty great start for someone who hasn’t performed since before lockdown.

Last Saturday’s SNL show gave us everything we expected and more. The show was full of laughs, as usual, but it was even better as Cudi joined in on the fun. With the help of Chris Redd, Pete Davison, and even  actor Timothee Chamalet, there was a musical skit about flutes. The special skit came before Cudi’s own performances even began.

Overall, it was great seeing Kid Cudi getting back into his element, especially with such an important album like Man On The Moon III out now. As things open back up, we can’t say what else Kid Cudi has in store. We can imagine, though, that it is well-deserving of a nice, little curtsey, as well.


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