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Tame Impala Celebrate 10 Years With Livestream Event

Despite the year’s set backs, Tame Impala hasn’t left the alternative radar over the past year. This month they plan to keep things going with a special 10th anniversary livestream.

Finally, A Year To Celebrate

From home performances and empty soccer stadium performances to exclusive live shows, the band has surely tried to keep themselves busy. Now they are back to being busy with one of their most anticipated events since The Slow Rush.

On April 21, 2021, Tame Impala will go live and perform their debut album, InnerSpeaker, in full at the Wave House. This social location is where the actual album was recorded a decade ago.

Made back in 2010, InnerSpeaker is known for the West Coast’s backdrop of Wave House, which is four hours outside of Perth, Australia. However, 10 years ago it was the album’s unique, earth-shaking airwaves with psychedelic songs like “Solitude Is Bliss.”

Tame Impala In The Wave House

The peaceful and secluded vibe of the Wave House helped produce the iconic album first heard 10 years ago. It makes sense for Tame Impala to head back to where it all began, especially now that lead singer and guitarist Kevin Parker owns the property.

Along with the release of a 10th-anniversary re-release of the album, the band is releasing a short film documenting the making of the record. Tame Impala is also planning to stream a special performance of InnerSpeaker, live from Wave House.

The concert will show Tame Impala performing InnerSpeaker from start to finish, truly cover to cover, so who knows is there will be a few surprise songs along the way. That’s what fans are hoping for.

Tickets are on sale for InnerSpeaker Live From Wave House now through Moment House.

We are excited for the revival of Tame Impala’s transformative sound. Hopefully, the Wave House brings back the same type of inspiration we experienced 10 a decade ago for a future album’s sound.

Check out a snippet of the documentary down below and be sure to get your tickets for the livestream!

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