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Gatlin’s “What If I Love You” Is A Hidden Gem

Gatlin is the rising star that you won’t regret finding. The indie-pop singer is getting ready for the release of her upcoming sophomore EP this summer. She’s celebrating that with the release of it’s  lead single, “What If I Love You.”

Gatlin’s Heartfelt Melody

After releasing her debut EP Sugarcoated just last August, Gatlin is ready to release more music. “What If I Love You” is a mix of alternative and indie pop, delivering Gatlin’s sincere emotions about a special someone that was hard to let go.  “I wrote this song about a situation where I felt like I had found my ‘once in a lifetime’ love, but they didn’t feel that way about me. I wanted the production to feel more uplifting pop because even in that situation I was trying to always stay positive, to mask the feeling of being rejected,” she explains about the track.

“What If I Love You” offers a glimpse into Gatlin’s personal life. It includes a heartfelt melody that dives into a heartbreaking breakup. “They say it’s once in a lifetime. You only get one, so guess that I’m done for life, hm. You’re doin’ just fine. I knew that you would, I bet she looks good tonight, yeah… By now, I should be okay. That’s easy for you to say, What if I loved you? What if I loved you way too much?” the starlet sings on this new single.

The music video for the song has a chill, indie vibe. Gatlin shares, “I did the ‘What If I Love You’ music video with Luke Harvey of Mossflower Productions. It had been a dream of mine to shoot at Joshua Tree since making the move to Los Angeles at the beginning of 2021. I wanted the visuals to feel like a fun escape to match the production and lyrics of the track. We shot using four different camera styles (35mm, 16mm, Super 8, and vintage TV) and then combined them all in a sort of ‘montage’ final video.”

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