BabyJake Releases Rock Staple, “Daddy’s Coming Home”

“Daddy’s Coming Home” Draws on Rock Influences

On June 30th, alternative pop artist BabyJake released his single “Daddy’s Coming Home”. The track draws on rock and roll influences and features heavy guitar riffs. BabyJake’s unique voice is the focal point of the single – raspy and powerful vocals lay over some powerful guitar. According to the artist himself, his music aims to merge “the seventies Rockstar with a modern rhythmic sound.” The track does just that, and establishes the singer firmly in the alt-rock genre.

BabyJake Becomes A Rockstar in New Music Video

“Daddy’s Coming Home” elevates him to rockstar status and demonstrates his versatility in musical genres. The track resembles outlaw rock, and its accompanying music video even more so. Featuring runaway lovers, ample amounts of alcohol, and one messed up father, the video plays like a Western romance movie.


Trending on TikTok

The Florida native certainly knows how to advertise his music and reach a wide audience. He posted a snippet of “Daddy’s Coming Home” on TikTok the day of its release. The post gained nearly 400k views and more than 70k likes in a week. BabyJake’s TikTok account is full of promotions, snippets, and cowboy-themed outfits. If anyone were to proclaim themselves a rockstar and mean it, it would be him. “Daddy’s Coming Home” is perhaps BabyJake’s breakthrough track, and is now trending as #HotDaddySummer on social media.


My new song “Daddy’s Coming Home” is finally out!!!! #hotdaddysummer #floridaman #songoftheday #imbringingrockandrollback #rockandroll

♬ original sound – BabyJake


BabyJake’s Debut Album on the Way

BabyJake, also known as Jake Herring, announced on Twitter that he is working on his debut album. His 2019 single, “Cigarettes on Patios” earned Gold this year. To date, his music has amassed more than 100 million global streams. Fans attribute his success to urban pop sounds mixed with rock and alternative influences. The genre-bending rockstar seems to be filled with surprises. The young artist is certainly one to watch – his raspy, gritty voice captures an audience like no other. “Daddy’s Coming Home” is an outlaw rock track perfect for #HotDaddySummer.

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