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On Imagine Dragons Latest Documentary “Live In Vegas”

Premiering on Hulu as of Friday July 14th, Imagine Dragons came out with their second consecutive documentary. Unlike their first, this one will reveal the band’s origin story. All the way from becoming a band in 2008 to releasing their breakthrough single “Radioactive” a few years later. It will also unveil footage of the band playing in small venues on the Las Vegas strip. Leading years later to filling stadiums at every concert. Being the normal famous boy band origin story, it is different given the story will play out like a concert. While showing scenes from their tour in Las Vegas last year, interviews from the band will also be featured. 

Commenting on the process of becoming a popular band, lead singer Dan Reynolds told Movie Web, “our goal was to be a self-sustained indie band that could make enough money to pay rent and have food. I had no idea it would be this big. That’s one in a billion.” One of the biggest moments is when Reynolds gives an emotional speech about what music means to him. Also adding in how he is proud of his hometown and the people he grew up around. Band member Daniel Wayne Sermon mused to Movie Web over Reynolds saying “If we were playing for five people, Dan was still larger than life on stage. He’s always been that guy.” 

As the band is famous for their music, they have also dabbled philanthropy as well. As the group has supported the Ukrainians since war started, they most recently supported a film that outlined the story of one of their songs “Crushed.” It tells the story of a Ukrainian boy named Sasha and his life under the Russian occupation. It also features the Ukrainian fighters who came to liberate Sasha’s town. Reynolds commenced on the film, telling American songwriter, “Sasha’s story is a heartbreaking one and there are thousands like him who desperately need help.” 

From philanthropy to making astounding music, it will be interesting to see what Imagine Dragons can do next.

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