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Featured Artist: Prophecy Girl Is The One To Watch

"Being a Capricorn, I am very goal-motivated and always keeping myself busy. "

After their recent Music Discovery highlight, DJ Prophecy Girl answers a few questions for Music Daily. Who is Prophecy Girl? can only be answered with: somebody you need to add to your playlist. After spotting their “Get Ready With Me” TikTok from their Charli XCX opening performance, I declared them the coolest person I never met. Well, that’s until I DM’d Prophecy on Instagram, which unraveled into ramblings, articles and internet comradery.

Get To Know Prophecy Girl

 From their ear wormy SoundCloud mixes, you may think they were born with a DJ deck in their hand. However, the 2020 pandemic grew this quasi-hobby into something more than something for bedroom dance sessions. (Scientifically, being “clubless” in Melbourne equals a wild pop addiction of Charli XCX and pop adjacents like 100 gecs and A. G. Cook.) In April 2022, things turned more serious thanks to their first supporting effort for Slayyyter in Melbourne. From there, they footed opening acts for artists like Lil Mariko and Machine Girl.

Nearly a year later, Prophecy saw a five-year goal dissipate within two as they opened for Charli XCX’s CRASH tour in Australia. “Once I started DJing and realized there could be a possibility to open for Charli, I told myself I’ll have to work hard for five to ten years to get there,” they said. “But I f*cking got it. And only two years after my very first live DJ set. It still doesn’t feel real.”

“How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?” I ask. To my surprise, their five-word response made everything click: “The Twilight Soundtrack: Clubbers Remix.” Everything made sense, right down to the Buffy The Vampire Slayer-inspired stage name, fandom, and 30-minute industrial techno mixes.

When tickets to the final show of Prophecy’s Revelations tour sold out in their hometown of Melbourne, the night turned emotional. They surprised concert-goers with special performances from Mallratdaine, Ninajirachi and Ravenna Golden. Among Prophecy’s supporting acts stood Miranda Skyes, their best friend who booked their first gig at Rendition.

“Right now, I’m very inspired by daine, Lonelyspeck, Ninajirachi and KAVARI. I believe these artists are pioneers who are paving the way for new music.”

Prophecy Girl

When I mention to Prophecy that their music family shelters unreal powerhouses, they are equally having a “pinch me” moment. “I’ve always been such a fangirl of these pop stars who I adore and admire so much,” they exclaimed. “So to be recognized at an industry level with my favorite artists will always be insane to me, and I’m so honored to play shows alongside them.”

New Music Coming Soon

What’s next for Prophecy Girl? Well, the DJ-producer is experimenting with a heavier punk sound, foreshadowing their upcoming remix for Porcelain Boy, titled “Club Punk.” Prophecy Girl has a niche for staying true to themselves, and every release pinpoints Prophecy Girl to their latest vibe and sonic affinity.

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