BabyJake Fits Into Our Playlists With New Single

DaBaby? LilBaby? No, BabyJake.

Last Week, BabyJake added on to his distinctive alt-pop style with new single, “Do I Fit In Your Shoes?.” The anthem features chants of the doubts people put on the rising artist as he reaches to just “be somebody.”


BabyJake shows off  his rapping and singing to ask the question: Do I fit in the shoes of the famous? His accompanying music video answers this question and shows how Jake feels about the gluttonous world of the wealthy.

The record, written and co-produced by BabyJake, combines old school cellphone ringtones and a gospel choir – all in between a funky hook. Jake comes with some pretty well thought out bars and overall keeps a great vibe over an insane melody.

He’s All Grown Up

Looking at the inspiration behind the song, BabyJake says, “This song began over a year ago when I was going through a hard time. I felt misunderstood as an artist by a lot of the people around me, including my label. I was 19 when I wrote my first hit and people just expected that same shit from me over and over. I’ve grown up and evolved a lot as a person since then, and so has my music. This song is about that feeling and getting through it. I’m happier now, and things have changed. I feel like I have a great team around me, and we’re all super excited for the new music that’s coming.”

BabyJake first blew up on the scene with the hit single “Cigarettes On Patios” in June 2019. Since then, Jake dropped his debut album, Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine this past year. Unfortunately, it fell short and off of many people’s radars.

However, with this new single and hopefully some more music on the way, BabyJake might continue to mature. Fans need to pay attention to that.

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