January 30, 2023



Poppy Goes Alt-Rock on New Single, “Her”

Poppy, American singer-songwriter, has released a new single, “Her”. Known for her affiliation with multiple genres, “Her” represents another quest for Poppy. The single crosses into the alternative-rock domain and showcases Poppy’s incredible vocal skills and lyricism. “Her” is the lead single off the singer’s upcoming fourth album.

Poppy’s “Her” Likened to Nirvana

Fans are already likening her sound to Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain. Her alternative rock single matches closely with Nirvana’s grunge era. The single has earned high praise from fans and critics alike. Lyrics like “I’m getting to know her / and all of her anger / You won’t recognize / If you encountered” resemble the attitudes of many 90s rock bands. Her lyrics about the isolation of fame are similar to many sentiments of Cobain and Nirvana.

She channels her innermost fears into her lyrics. She sings with passion about fame, breakups, and manipulation. Along with beautiful riffs, Poppy adds in some signature screams on the track.  The singer refuses to be boxed into one genre. Her discography includes ultra pop, metal, and electronic. Now, “Her” represents a venture into alternative-rock. Though her shifts between genres seem strange, her new music video is even more so.

Poppy Channels Tim Burton in “Her” Music Video

The video features Tim Burton-esque characters and animation. Wooden figures, supposed to resemble the singer herself, move awkwardly through the video. The nearly 4 minute clip features build-a-rockstar scenes and animated performances. The video represents Poppy’s changing sound and attitudes towards genre labeling. Stop-motion editing creates a bizarre video that is hard to look away from.

Working on A Fourth Album

The single and music video precede her fourth album, coming sometime this year. Though Poppy has not yet released the title of the album, fans speculate that the album will cross between many genres. Undoubtedly, her sound will evolve as she pushes a “post-genre” music campaign. However, Poppy is leaving the album’s contents relatively vague.

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