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Welcome the “Autumn Variations” With Ed Sheeran’s New Album

With fall in full swing, Ed Sheeran has just released the perfect seasonal album to welcome our favorite time of year.

Ed Sheeran’s “Gingerbread Man Productions”

ed sheeran 'autumn variations'

Produced alongside Aaron Dessner, Autumn Variations contains 14 tracks that resemble all things pumpkin patch and warm apple ciders (which largely resembles Dessner’s role in Taylor Swift’s evermore!). The beauty of Autumn Variations isn’t found in complex, dramatic themes. It’s not trying to be anything that it’s not. Track after track, Sheeran embodies fall with lighthearted and serene melodies and lyrics that counter the more serious topics covered in Subtract. It’s not radio fodder, and that’s exactly what makes it such a nice change of pace from Ed.

Produced by his own label, aptly named “Gingerbread Man,” Autumn Variations marks Sheeran’s first album that was created completely for the fans. Ed created an album simply for the sake of creating an album. It’s not for sales, not for revenue, and not for awards and praise. It’s simply an act of gratitude: an artist wanting to create from a place of passion. Whereas critics pick apart every note and string, there is much to appreciate from this fact alone. As far as music goes nowadays, it’s as selfless as it can get.

So Autumn Variations is out now ! This is an album purely for you, the fans. There’s no singles, no videos, it’s on my own label, so no pressure for anything. I just want you guys to have a soundtrack for autumn/fall that feels like a warm hug. I hope you love it. Lemme know what your fav songs are and il see some of you this week at random pop ups we are doing. Love you all x

-Ed Sheeran via Instagram @teddysphotos

To add on, Sheeran took to Instagram in search of creatives to film music videos for the new album. He asked fans to refer their friends and family for the role. He created a clear vinyl sleeve so that fans can customize their records to their own versions of autumn. And, he’s largely focused on fan interactions, from surprise home visits to working at Starbucks and passing out pumpkin spice lattes. Take a scroll through his Instagram and see for yourself. Rather than get caught up in the whirlwind of mainstream media, Ed has stayed as authentic as possible. He is prioritizing fan experiences above all else.

Seasons Greetings with Autumn Variations

Throughout the album, Sheeran takes you on a journey through the feelings that accompany fall. He embodies the comfort that comes with cozy clothing and warm drinks. He delves into the range of emotions that come with change. And, he does so in a way that evokes a sense of nostalgia, in the most calming of ways. Autumn Variations is quintessentially Ed Sheeran. It paints murals in your head lyrically, and expertly incorporates Sheeran’s guitar skills with gorgeous melodies. For all those who don’t give Ed Sheeran enough credit, Autumn Variations stands as a testament to his insane artistry. Whether you love him or hate him, there is no doubt that Ed Sheeran is a standout musician who can do so much more than create bubblegum radio love songs.

Stream Autumn Variations down below! Let us know what your favorite song is in the comments.

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