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Breaking Down Taylor Swift’s “I Can See You” Music Video

On July 7th, Swifties around the world celebrated the rerelease of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). With the release came tracks from the vault, including a new song and music video for “I Can See You,” which she premiered live at the Eras Tour!

“I Can See You” Easter Eggs

For starters, it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift track without a side of Easter eggs. Here are some of the hidden gems you may have missed whilst watching the iconic music video:

  1. Last Kiss

The music video references Taylor’s song “Last Kiss,” in which she sings about July 9th at 1:58.

2. Long Live

Finally, we see Taylor for the first time in her iconic golden dress. Fans may recognize this dress from her Speak Now tour. In this shot, we can see Taylor with lyrics from “Long Live” written on her forearms. It reads “I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.” This is a direct message to Swifties, whom the song is written about.

3. The Swift Museum

In another shot, we witness a museum coming to light. Actors Joey King and Taylor Lautner finds themselves surrounded by Swift’s past, preserved and displayed in glass cases. This is a reference to the track “It’s Time To Go,” where she sings about Scooter Braun having her “past behind a glass” in reference to owning the rights to her music.

4. Speak Now Countdown

Pictured above, you can see Taylor writing tallies on the wall. These represent the number of days leading up to Speak Now’s re-release.

5. 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Hints

Credit: “I Can See You” Music Video by Taylor Swift

Lastly, the most popular theory floating around is in reference to Taylor’s next potential re-release. With blue lights littered throughout the music video (a color representative of the 1989 era), fans had a sneaking suspicion right off the bat. However, it feels all but confirmed near the end of the video. After looking back at her past one more time, Taylor jumps in a van, passing under a bridge. And what sign is found on that bridge? None other than a subtle “1.9 89 tv,” before the music video comes to an end.

“I Can See You” Takeaways

Overall, there are so many more Easter eggs hidden throughout the music video. From the dress and banjo Joey King uses, referencing her first appearance in Taylor’s “Mean” music video, to the color of lights… there’s so much to unpack. Breaking into a literal vault to save “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” and the vaulted tracks. Fleeing from the museum while wistfully looking back at the building. This represents Swift looking back at all of the things she once loved but has since had stolen from her. Now, she is moving forward. She is reclaiming what is hers, one album at a time.

Taylor Swift has always been a mastermind behind her every move. And the “I Can See You” music video is no exception. Did you catch any of these Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments below!

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