Lil Yachty And J. Cole Bring The Heat For ‘The Secret Recipe’

On Wednesday (September 27) Lil Yachty would announce “The Secret Recipe,” a surprise collaboration with rap veteran J. Cole. “new song and video tomorrow @ 11 :)” Yachty posted via Twitter.  

On Wednesday (September 27) Lil Yachty would announce “The Secret Recipe,” a surprise collaboration with rap veteran J. Cole.
Lil Yachty. @lilyachty via Twitter.

Yachty And Cole Hold “The Secret Recipe”

The unexpected duo is outspoken about their influence over a jazzy rap beat with a simple loop. Produced by Yachty himself, the Georgia native’s vocals sound slightly strained, but his message is loud and clear. Since his 2016 debut, he was clowned for his heavy use of autotune and deemed as a disgrace to hip-hop. “The standards have collapsed, they wrote me in with lames / They treat me like I’m them, they hate I overcame / Refuse to pat my back, refuse to shake my hand / Refuse to give me props when I am not around / Refuse to act like I ain’t shift the sound, like I ain’t push the culture,” he avouches in “The Secret Recipe.” 

It wasn’t until he released his fifth studio album in 2023 that perceptions around the young MC began to shift. Yachty took a risk with a new refreshing psychedelic rock sound for his January LP Let’s Start Here. The album created waves for the genre as well as shined a positive light on Yachty’s artistry like never before. He invests time and effort into his craft, rapping in “The Secret Recipe,” “pay attention, go over my words like highlight markers.”

J. Cole Cooks Up A Skillful Verse

J. Cole delivers another dexterous verse for “The Secret Recipe,” attesting to his prolonged influence and legacy in hip-hop. Despite shying away from the limelight, he is observant of other rappers whom he considers mediocre. “Don’t ask how I feel ’bout no rappers, sh*t, they okay, I guess / Incomin’ call, press the button, the one that say accept / He FaceTime to ask for a feature and saw the face of death.” Cole points a finger at the performative activists profiting off of Black pain and trauma. “N****s fake-progressive and woke, I started sayin’ less / I had to stop it, peeped how they profit off of racial stress / Some activists got so rich, they prolly wish we stay oppressed.”

Lastly, he flaunts his millionaire status, remarking that he feels like “Bangladesh,” which is the name of the producer on Lil Wayne’s “A Milli.” What do you think of this unexpected collaboration “The Secret Recipe” with Yachty and Cole? Let us know in the comments below.

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