On Puma Blue’s New Album “Holy Waters”

Credit: Clash Magazine

On September 1st, London-based artist Puma Blue released his new album, Holy Waters. Through each of the eleven tracks, the artist takes the listener through his creative psyche. Utilizing the music’s silence, he gives the listener the feeling of a ghost haunting. With the intention to express his feelings, the artist also wanted to grapple with the possibility of life and death. He was fascinated with the idea of someone moving through emotion after emotion until they found peace within themselves while choosing life or death. Death might be the first choice, but one can always find a way to change their mind. 

Puma Blue’s Holy Waters Thoughts

While recording the new album, Puma Blue wanted to work through “the vestiges of grief, inertia and the prison of one’s own mind” according to Clash Magazine. The result is a group of songs “headier, richer and more sharply delineated than what’s come before.” Concerning the music video for his song “Pretty,” he also told Clash Magazine his vision. “I wanted to capture how it feels to look in a mirror and feel dissonance with what you see.” He continues, saying, “The idea that even though you can be loved by someone you can still be haunted by dysmorphia to some extent. This song is an attempt to challenge that, to honour that admiration from the one who sees me as beautiful.”

As the artist looks for more challenges, especially with his music, the new album is his first in two years. It follows his first EP and his debut album, In Praise of Shadows. The artist got his start back in 2014 when he started posting his songs online. He then released his first EP, Swum Baby in 2017, followed by Blood Loss in 2018. Since then, he has become a stage name all over London with his alternative R&B sound, mixing it with indie rock, downtempo and ’90s trip-hop. Additionally, he started another tour on September 15th. It will be exciting to see what the artist has in store next.

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