Taylor Swift Amazes Once Again With Album “Evermore”

Evermore and its Relationship to Folklore

Taylor Swift has done it again. Five months ago, she left us all speechless when she decided to release her album Folklore all out of a sudden. On Thursday morning, the singer announced that she and her team just couldn’t stop writing songs and that her new album Evermore was coming out that night. But that wasn’t all of it, though. At midnight ET, she was also dropping the music video of her first single of Evermore “Willow.” 

When the music video of “Willow” came out, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Taylor was trying to hint that she had gotten married and had a baby named Willow, as she was wearing a bride-like dress in the music video. Overall, the album is very similar to Folklore, (after all, they’re sisters!) But even though both albums are very similar musically and have the same kind of vibe, they both talk about two very different kinds of stories.

In Folklore, she wrote more about stories that she felt related to and some that weren’t necessarily her own. In Evermore, she went on a darker route, writing songs about crime, infidelity, and even murder in “No body, no crime.”

What Taylor’s Lyrics Mean

“Champagne problems” talks about a failed engagement. The man in the relationship knew from the beginning that the relationship wasn’t working. He decided to propose to his girlfriend anyway and even told his family about his plans. The girlfriend still rejects him and people, of course, gossip about her. At the end of the song, we find out that he found another love and she said yes to the question this time.

In “Gold rush,” she talks about liking a boy who is way too beautiful for her. She doesn’t like the attention he gets and having all the girls wanting to be loved by him. Almost when the song is coming to an end, she references her last album in the lyrics “What must it be like to grow up that beautiful? With your hair falling into place like dominoes. My mind turns your life into folklore.”

 “‘’Tis the damn season” had a lot of attention on social media before the album even released. The unique and funny name of the song was a real crowd-puller. In reality, the song isn’t about the kind of holiday season that we’re all thinking about. Taylor sings about rekindling a flame with someone from her hometown, and the ups and downs of hometown hookups. “You could call me babe for the weekend. ‘Tis the damn season, write this down. I’m staying at my parents’ house…And it always leads to you and my hometown.”

Taylor proves once more that she is in fact a super-skilled storyteller in Evermore. This album is great to immerse in and listen to all the different kinds of stories that are included in it.

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