Tilian Drops “Factory Reset,” A Thoughtful New Album

Artists drop full-length records all the time, but rarely are cover-to-cover masterpieces like Tilian’s.


Artistry Done Right

Los Angeles is home to the largest number of people who work in the entertainment business. The city is sunny, warm, motivating, and inspiring. LA-based performer Tilian showcases all of that and more on his latest LP, which was created right in his home sunny LA home.


Titled Factory Reset, this new album depicts the power of being in full control of your art. The singer, songwriter, and producer is a clear triple threat. Because of this, it only makes sense that he didn’t want other voices, up-front or behind-the-scenes, on this album. Tilian is proud of what he does and needs to have the space to showcase that. 


Factory Reset is that album. It is wholly and fully a piece of his heart, mind, and soul. It’s introspective without being puzzling. Fans are offered a deep look into the sophistication of this artist, yet it’s clear that he just wanted some alt pop music to jam to. Altogether, it resonates widely during a hard, chaotic time in the world. This album works as wonderfully as thought-provoking, but chill piece of music.


You can listen to it and enjoy the instrumentation, slick production, and orchestrational quality. It’s dreamy and wonderful from cover-to-cover. You can also listen to it and dive into each psychedelic, imagery-laden song and get a feeling about the story that resulted in its writing.


Regardless of how you listen to it, Factory Reset is artistry done right. Fans and music lovers alike can thank the star’s label for the creative control they gave him to dive headfirst into this project. Having full creative control “resulted in my most thrillingly eclectic work to date,” he explains in a press release. His latest single, “Caught In The Carousel,” proves that. It is a mesmerizing song – and video, too!


Even A Global Pandemic Couldn’t Stop Tilian 

All of these songs were written in lockdown, so living in California meant being forced to work remotely. In this artist’s case, LA being a virus hotspot was actually beneficial. He was able to explore his own interests as a solo artist… all thanks to the pandemic’s timing and location. That is geographic luck at it’s finest.


Also, no longer was he answering to his peers or shifting his vision to suit someone else’s. On his own and in lockdown, he crafted a magical, perceptive piece of alternative pop music for himself. There’s also vibrant personality laced into each of the 11 songs that make up this new record.


“I was searching for meaning in isolation and found it in creating this album,” he states. The writing, recording, and producing was not only a stellar form of expression, but a way to find his own voice. After being a vocalist for Dance Gavin Dance for years, this exploratory project was welcomed. Tilian’s success is far from new, but his personal voice is – and fans (new and old) love it.

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