Machine Gun Kelly Is Ready To Bring Live Music Back

Because MGK is so ready, he announced a tour for this coming fall based around his number one album, Tickets To My Downfall.


Tour Announcements In 2021? We’ll Take It!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 15 months, live music is somewhat a thing of the past. For music lovers, this has been a draining year. Musicians fared no differently, as much of their livelihood was taken away from them. Artists who released new music didn’t get to tour on those brand new songs. As the world begins to get vaccinated and places become more populated again, the thought of tours is returning to people’s minds. For one artist, it’s not just in his mind, but fully set in stone and penciled into his schedule.


Machine Gun Kelly just announced that he is taking his critically-acclaimed rock record on the road this fall. That’s right, if you’re a fan of MGK and the pop punk revival he is kicking off, you can experience it live very soon. 


Will You Be Experiencing “Bloody Valentine” Live?

The Tickets To My Downfall tour for Fall 2021 begins in September. Some of the venues are outdoors, such as the New York City’s Central Park Summer stage, but some are indoors. Machine Gun Kelly’s hometown show in Cleveland, Ohio closes out the national tour in December. That concert, while still months away, marks one of MGK‘s biggest shows to date. 


The Tickets To My Downfall tour concludes in Cleveland’s biggest arena. With a capacity of over 20,000 people (when fully opened), Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is a thrilling place to hold a show. For someone as dynamic and genre-bending as Kelly, who is also a Cleveland native, it is sure to be one exciting night.


This tour, this album’s success, and these whirlwind show locations are setting the tone for a much-dserved live music season. After such a long time of not getting to see our favorite acts live, MGK is doing the world a favor. He is reminding people that going to see a concert can still be done safely. As well as just as exciting and fun as before.


Hopefully that reminder spreads not only to the minds of fans but to the hearts of other musicians. Because just about every artist is also itching to get back on real stages in front of real people.


Machine Gun Kelly Is Taking His Punkiest Friends On The Road

Heading out on tour with him are three stellar opening acts. Carolesdaughter, JXDEN!, and KennyHoopla are set to hit the road for this monumental tour. Machine Gun Kelly handpicked these acts as both a fan and a musician who wants to put on an immersive show for the fans that pick up tickets.


Carolesdaughter is a solo act based in electronica, folk pop, acoustic stylings, and mall goth aesthetics. Their presence is mesmerizing. Her look, her sound, and her whole brand emulates all that she is as a performer and a musician. There is nothing out-of-touch in her songs, even the one whose title is “Violent.” She’s not actually violent, but she has an that is hard to look away from. 


20-year-old JXDEN! solidified himself in the upcoming pop punk and art rock scene not too long ago, but effortlessly. As a TikTok personality with an adoring fan base, JXDEN! was able to come up fast and hard. His debut alt rock record Angels & Demons soared up the charts. Not to mention his cover of “driver’s license” alongside Travis Barker that took social media by storm. With nothing but talent, a love of pop punk, and millions of fans on his side, he is a stellar addition to the TTMD tour.


Closing out the rocking lineup is none other than KennyHoopla. Although only just beginning to get into the alternative side of the music industry, he’s doing so with grace. With an urban flair and a hip-hop background, his approach to making rock music is similar to MGK’s. People have yet to forget that Machine Gun Kelly’s career began, and is based in, rap music. KennyHoopla, with his timely flow and evolving influences, rounds out this tour in the most thrilling way.


Visit Machine Gun Kelly’s website to see if he’s coming to a city near you this far alongside some talented pop punk friends.

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