Sebastián Yatra & Myke Towers’ New Hit “Pareja Del Año”

Pop singer Sebastián Yatra joined forces with Reggaeton star Myke Towers for their new hit “Pareja Del Año.”

“Pareja Del Año” Fusions Pop & Urban Genres

The new latin pop/urban track blends the talents of these two artists perfectly. Yatra’s soft vocal tone and Towers’ solid timbre make up a powerful combo. They sing about having a broken heart, as the girl they fell in love with already has a significant other. 

“My condition: madly in love with a girl that I miss today. And not having you hurts me. We would be the couple of the year. How much I miss you. Without condition, I fell in love precisely with a girl who is not mine. And my friends knew it. And everyone told me what would happen, you would leave me,” they sing in the chorus. (Translated from Spanish.)

Myke Towers also brought his characteristic urban vibes to the table. Right after the first chorus, he changed the rhythm of the song a little by including a Reggaeton/trap verse. “I’m tired of being friends with benefits. I may not deserve you, but it goes without saying. If we got together, we would be the couple of the century…They told me, I ignored them. Everything ended up being nothing.”

Sebastián Yatra & Myke Towers’ First Collab

Yatra also explains, “‘Pareja Del Año’ represents where I am right now musically, blending pop and urban genres. Everything Myke Towers does is out of this world so I’m excited to collaborate with him on my new single.” Towers adds, “It’s my first time working with Sebastián. On our new collaboration, we bring together the duo of the century. This song brings together the best of both worlds. It’s a classic. It’s what music is all about.”

Finally, Yatra added, “It’s one of those songs that when the chorus comes in, you can’t stop moving.” We entirely agree! If you haven’t yet, go listen to this duo’s new track and dance along. 

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