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Fashion Trends and Music: How One Influences The Other

“Fashion and music are two completely separate universes,” said no one ever. Indeed, one continuously depends and influence the other. But where do the trends begin?

An influence from the 70s that continues to date

The expressive freedom of the 70s and 80s has not been lost. In fact, the stylistic passion of music seems to be gender neutral fashion with colourful and extravagant clothing. A reference to the legacy left by artists such as Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Elton John who have never limited themselves to “sober” outfits, but have always led the public and the media into their androgynous world, where “men’s” clothes didn’t exist. With their outrageous style, they influenced millions of fans and non-.

Harry Styles and Måneskin


And today this trend seems to be back and brings with it a strong ideology. It is in fact equality, from all points of view. Gender equality, equality for asian, black, latinx and white, as well as for different sexual orientations. Today, the bulwark of this stylistic movement on the male side is Harry Styles who, with Vogue covers and outfits for concerts and even a beauty line (“Pleasing“) always presents himself as original, colourful, imaginative, disinterested in the opinion of others and above all gender-free.

With androgenic outfits and provocative looks, also Måneskin’s Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi ed Ethan Torchio are leading the movement of the gender-neutral fashion. In fact, Damiano was even named 2021 style icon from the Stylight shopping platform.

Fashion icons: Rihanna

Style has always been associated with music. For example, baggie jeans correspond to hip-pop, flannel shirts to grunge, black hair to punk. But trends don’t always start from underground cultures which then spread to the general public, but often start with individual celebrities. Or at least, these celebrities become the main exponents.

As Cher took charge of the future of the nude look and Queens-based group Run DMC popularized the chain necklace in the early ’80s, as Rihanna presents herself as the main “influencer,” or rather, style icon, of our times. Among her multiple iconic influences we find the Dolce & Gabbana headphones, which the singer and entrepreneur “advertised” through a “simple” shot. And who remembers the oversized style? Yes, Rihanna helped the promotion of this style. And what about the bra-less trend? Yes, it was Rihanna. Again.

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