Jarvis Redd is Country Music’s Up and Coming.

Jarvis Redd has begun making a huge impact in his career and country music. The country artist has become a TikTok sensation, and reached almost 1 million new followers in a week! Additionally, he’s being publicly recognized by top country artists like Tim McGraw who commented;

It’s so discerning to hear someone singing your song better than you.”

Tim McGraw comment for Jarvis Redd.
Screenshot Jarvis Redd Instagram

Redd recently signed with big label music executive Tony Mercedes. For those who don’t know, Mercedes published for huge names and singles, some of which you may be familiar with. He mentions in his Instagram bio that he published Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and TLC’s “No scrubs.” Suffice to say, Redd’s career is taking off.

More About Country Singer Jarvis Redd

Jarvis Redd was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was a youth pastor and gospel singer. Redd made the decision years ago to become a singer songwriter, and hasn’t looked back since. Jarvis has an extremely deep voice with smooth control and heartiness that perfectly fits the country genre. That, and he incorporates his R&B, soul, and personal experiences into every song. He stated that he was inspired to pursue country music because of Tim McGraw. after doing covers of his songs on TikTok, Redd finally got recognized when McGraw duetted his cover.

Image of country singer Jarvis Redd

Jarvis’s purpose is to spread love to people and he feels that there’s not enough love in the world today. Fans expect that Redd is coming out with a new single this year! Fans are definitely keeping their eyes and ears open for Jarvis Redd. He’s going to be country musics up and coming star. For now you can watch him sing on TikTok and follow him on Instagram!

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