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Sarah Kinsley Haunts Listeners With Her Music

Sarah Kinsley, an American singer-songwriter and producer, is creating a musical persona that captivates and impresses listeners with its haunting qualities.

Sarah Kinsley and Her Beginning

Indie pop and alternative pop artist Sarah Kinsley is showing the world that she is king. Kinsley didn’t start in pop, however. She began her musical journey with classical music training and youth orchestra performances.

In 2019, she released her first EP, The Fall. Since then, she has shown her wide range of musical skill. From indie pop songs to disco pop to songs led by classical music theory, Kinsley’s musical knowledge is impressive.

Not only is her wide interest in music impressive, but also the fact that she produces all of her music solo. In several different interviews, Kinsley has mentioned how recognizing female producers is a necessity in this day and age. Female producers have been hidden, forgotten, or undermined for too long, and Kinsley wants to lead by example. She wants to show the industry how present and how remarkable female producers are.

Sarah Kinsley and Her Songs

“The King” is Kinsley’s most well-known song. It went viral on TikTok in 2021. In the song, Kinsley speaks to her past self in a very self-reflective, self-discovery kind of way. The chorus in this song is especially enthralling:

I want to be the king of your heart
Let’s fall apart and start again
You’ll see the end of me

Kinsley’s vocals in this song continue to blow listeners away to this day. Check out the song for yourself in the official music video below!

“Cypress” is from Kinsley’s most recent EP of the same name. Both the song and music video seem to, once again, illustrate a self-reflective sort of mood. Kinsley appears to be talking to her past self and wondering if the choices she made were worth it. Watch the official music video below and think about your own interpretation of the song.

“The Giver” is Kinsley’s most recent release. This song is a heart wrencher. It’s about going along with whatever the other person in the relationship wants. Kinsley sings about how people who are givers can end up only ever giving. They may yearn for reciprocation, but never receive it. The single was dropped in October of 2022, but fans can hope for an EP to come soon.

Sarah Kinsley and What’s Next

Kinsley will be performing at the Governor’s Ball Saturday, June 10th. Additionally, on April 22nd, in honor of Record Store Day for 2023, the EPs The King and Cypress will both be available on vinyl! As Kinsley says in her Instagram post announcement, “Pop into your local beloved indie record store” on April 22nd for her exclusive vinyl!

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