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Blondshell Releases Bonus Tracks To Her Debut, Self-Titled Album

On October 6th, Blondshell released the deluxe version of her self-titled debut album, which includes an additional 5 tracks.

Blondshell’s New Deluxe Edition Album

Sabrina Teitelbaum, also known as Blondshell, has made quite the entrance into the music industry with her debut album. Debuting in April this year, Blondshell stormed into the music scene and has demanded a presence ever since. Her music impressively has undertones of many ’90s and early 2000s artists without encroaching on the copycat syndrome that too many artists fall victim to. In this way, she is a standout star to be on the lookout for.

With the indie-rock sound that resonates well with our current generation, paired with an angsty disposition that is evident in the lyrics of each song, Blondshell is a perfect mix of old and new creating something magical. Her sound alone is reason enough for her opening for Liz Phair, who, 20 years ago, dropped the iconic “Why Can’t I” track, which hosts a similar level of edge and emotion that only artists like Blondshell have been able to tap into.

Sabrina’s self-titled album explores the various types of toxic relationships that people encounter in day-to-day life. From bitter endings in relationships to cyclical drug abuse, Blondshell doesn’t hold back in acknowledging the ravines that life throws us into sometimes.

“The deluxe version of my album is out now. I wanted to include some songs from the time I made the record and show another (gentler) side of the music.”

-Via @blondshell on Instagram

A New Era For Female Musicians

In a year dominated by women speaking up and speaking out, Blondshell fits right in. From Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” and “Jaded” to SZA’s “Kill Bill” to Mae Stephens’ “If We Ever Broke Up.” Each of these tracks depicts the anger and eff-you attitude that comes with a spiteful breakup. Whether it’s reestablishing independence or daydreaming of killing your ex, Blondshell joins the legions of angry girlfriends who are fed up with their partners. This is especially evident in one of her top tracks, “Salad.”

“Keep an eye out for his pickup, I know all about it / I would take a gun out and put some poison in his salad / And it wouldn’t be so bad, it wouldn’t hurt the world / Look what you did, you’ll make a killer of a Jewish girl”
-Track four on 'Blondshell' 

The deluxe version of Blondshell includes the previously released single “Cartoon Earthquake,” as well as the follow-up track to “Tarmac,” dubbed “Tarmac 2.” It also includes a demo version of the tracks “Kiss City” and “Street Rat,” an ode to Sabrina’s regretful relationship with substance abuse.

Stream Blondshell (Deluxe Edition) down below! Let us know what your favorite bonus track is in the comments.

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