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Sopico, Ex-member of the 75e Session Dropped His First Album “Nuages”

First album of his solo music career

Nuages“, the new (and first) album of Sopico, is finally out and has big expectations. Sopico, French musician and ex member of the 75e Session, is now trying to launch his solo career. “Nuages” is the name of the first step of this big path.

The melancholy of the verses is something really important in his discography.  In this sense, the new album is similar to his previous projects, “Mojo” and “YE.”  Dropped in 2016 and 2018, these two long projects which tell us more about the French, on the same road as of “Nuages.”

Yodelice and “Episode  0”

13 tracks entirely produced by his longtime friend and producer, Yodelice, who already have worked on “Episode 0” some years ago. Introspective and always interesting for contents and melody, Sopico has focused the attention of his fans thanks also to “Slide,” the album’s opening track. Looking towards 2022,  “Nuages,” is the new dress that’s ready to be worn compared to Sopico’s previous works. A new year that’ll be full of music.

What it’s particularly strong is the relationship between the artist and his guitar. Thus, making the intimacy of the Parisian comes out. The emotional expression is something that has a different importance from other aspects, maybe also more than the contents. Here’s proof that Sopico is not only a great singer. He’s also a talented musician with an important sense of the melody on this latest effort.

Sopico’s various genres

Tout va bien,” track number 5  is the perfect example to summarize what we said before, and indeed, in terms of numbers, fans particularly appreciated it. “Tout va bien” and “Slide,” deeply different songs, are two demonstrations of the various genres present in the discography of the French songwriter. “Slide,” with its strong and aggressive sound, is the exception of “Nuages,” and while the rest are reminders other past drops of Sopico.

Given Sopico’s debut album out late this year, 2022 will be surely an important year for him.  Anticipation is building as to how the record will be received by fans and critics alike. Sopico, after the experiences with the 75e Session, wants to achieve all his goals with his solo music career. “Nuages,” at least for now, is just the first step.

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