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“Sous la Pluie” Feat. Still Fresh is Zesst’s Declaration of Intentions

Released in mid-August, “Sous la pluie” is the new single from Zesst, in collaboration with Still Fresh. The couple’s project is currently going strong in France, and seems that the track will be destined for big success.

First Zesst’s collaboration

Zesst, noted by massive publicity since 2020, is a young french emerging rapper. He’s known in particular for the versatility of his verses. With the contribution of a name artist such as Still Fresh, the artist of “BLUE MAGIC” is launching a declaration of intentions for the new year. After 4 strong singles like “CPQDM #1“, “CPQDM #2“, “SACEM” and, indeed, “BLUE MAGIC,” this is his first collab. And, probably, he couldn’t ask more for this special occasion. Because the guest of the track, the 28 years old Still Fresh, is one of the most influential artists of the entire France.

We’re talking about a man that, with only 3 songs from his album “Coeur noir,” has obtained 50 million plays. And, trust me, these are huge numbers for european music and its artists.

Future projects and confidence

Precisely for that, Zesst and Still Fresh’s collaboration is something that can seem strange. Mostly if we think that the first one came out just one year ago. “Sous la pluie” can really be the sign as the first big step in the career of this french artist. Zesst, one of the most promising talents of the scene, is now ready to achieve all his goals. In that sense, the collab with Still Fresh is not only a higher point in his career, but an important message for the future. Because the rapper Still Fresh has decided to put all his confidence on Zesst’s talents.

Sous la pluie” is not yet the secure hit of the summer, but could become that. Definitely an interesting drop for your summer playlists, not only for the story around it, but also because the song is pleasant and deserves attention. Give it a chance, I’m pretty sure you’ll thank me.

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