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Mahalia Is Laying Out the ‘Terms And Conditions’

Alternative R&B/soul vocalist Mahalia comes back swinging with her first release of 2023, “Terms and Conditions.” Mahalia sings and raps about her own set of rules for her romantic partners over an upbeat contemporary R&B instrumental. Produced by the Elements, the textured instrumental is glazed with keyboards and strings.

Alternative R&B/soul vocalist Mahalia comes back swinging with her first release of 2023 “Terms and Conditions.”
Credit: “Terms and Conditions” single cover, Sirui Ma.

The Making of “Terms And Conditions”

In her words, Mahalia tells DIY magazine, “It’s all about setting boundaries and deciding what things I would no longer compromise on. I made this song with my wonderful friend and artist, Raye, and two of my favorite producers – The Elements. This record is just the first taste from my upcoming second album, and I can’t wait to see if people like it!”

Speaking of, “Escapism” singer and songwriter RAYE is a mastermind behind hits from Rihanna, Beyonce, and Little Mix. RAYE has co-writing credits as well as background vocals on the groovy, bass-heavy “Terms and Conditions.” The single arrives prior to Mahalia’s forthcoming sophomore album, anticipated for a summer release. Her most recent track, “Bag of You,” was released in 2022, which gave us a taste of the new record. 

“Rules NOT Guidelines”

Above all, “Terms and Conditions” is unapologetic, self-assured, and direct. Mahalia knows the things she will no longer tolerate in a relationship and if her partner fails to meet her standards, she will leave. The “What You Did” singer writes about the rules and requirements her partner must follow. In detail, she establishes these “Terms and Conditions” and disclaimers for her significant other so she can protect her heart while honoring her worth, time, and space. “If you tell me lies, you get three strikes / There’s no coming back, boy, please (Please) / If you look at her, consider bridges burned.” 

Importantly, Mahalia will not waste any more time giving her partner endless chances. Mahalia implements her “exit strategy plan” in relationships. “F*ck around if you wanna see a magic trick / One second I’m here, then poof, I’m gone / You can think about it on the last train home / Rest assured I ain’t pressed, I ain’t stressed about it.”  

She is allowing her head to steer her in relationships instead of her hear, which is not always easy. But “Terms and Conditions” shows a strong-willed and self-sufficient Mahalia. Also, many women aspire to embody this level of confidence she radiates in “Terms and Conditions.” We look forward to hearing more of this side of the songstress on the new album.

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