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Rediscover the Best of Wallows…So Far

Get to know Music Daily's Rediscovery: Wallows, the three-man alternative rock band based in Los Angeles.

Wallows, the three-man alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, coats every song in post-punk rhythms that paint pretty pictures of nostalgia and lost innocence. Comprised of 13 Reasons Why actor Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston, these childhood friends’ overnight success was ten years in the making, including many prerequisite hours.

Despite being in alternative rock, Wallows has a niche for shaking things up. “We don’t have a particular musical style,” says Lemasters in a press release. “We incorporate whatever we happen to be listening to and are inspired by. It all depends on what the song requires.”

Music Daily Discovery with Iris Clark

Their Clairo collaboration—”Are You Bored Yet?”—took on bedroom pop, much like their constant sonic progression. The song became Spotify’s Song of the Summer in 2020. It now has over 781 million streams. However, “Wish Me Luck” is a bold contrast, powered by electronic rock guitars.

Wallows’ 2017 debut single, “Pleaser,” cannot get any more quintessentially indie. Whether it be the classic guitars, muffled vocal takes or the tactful percussion, the then-independent band successfully rebranded. It led to more tongue-in-cheek lyric moments like “1980s Horror Film” from their 2018 EP, Spring, released under Atlantic Records. 

Since then, Wallows achieved a few more Gold-certified records while dropping two albums and several projects and singles.

Listen to more tracks by Wallows below. Check out more Music Discoveries on Music Daily!

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