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Featured Artist Friday: Check Out TikTok Favorite Rock Band AnnenMayKantereit

Here’s another international band for you for our Featured Artist Friday: discover with us the German hit band and TikTok favorite AnnenMayKantereit.

German group AnnenMayKantereit was formed in Cologne in 2011. In that year, three friends met in high school and decided to start a music project together. Christopher AnnenHenning May, and Severin Kantereit started performing in the streets of their hometown. You may have noticed by now that the unique band name is a combination of their three surnames.

They released an EP in 2015 titled Wird schon irgendwie gehen. Since then, the trio released four studio albums, including latest Es ist Abend und wir sitzen bei mir. Their musical repertoire isn’t limited to their native tongue, as it also includes several songs in English and one in Italian.

Tom’s Diner

As it happens to many since the app made its appearance in 2016 (stronger since 2020 and the pandemic), AnnenMayKantereit owe their success to TikTok. Do you remember the short clip that went viral in 2020 in which a couple of guys were singing the iconic Suzanne Vega’s hit “Tom’s Diner?” One of the voices in particular struck and shocked the entire platform. Roaring as loud as only the best blues and soul artists could ever do, the unique voice immediately went viral.

Just like Elvis in the early ’50s, Henning May’s voice surprised the ears of many. The collaboration between the band AnnenMayKantereit and Giant Rooks became an immediate hit. Billions of views led the band to an unexpected yet unsurprising recognition. Vega’s hit immediately went back to the top of every chart.

Es ist Abend und wir sitzen bei mir

Since their success with “Tom’s Diner,” AnnenMayKantereit released a new album. Coming out at the beginning of March 2023, Es ist Abend und wir sitzen bei mir became proof that the band is not a one-hit-wonder act. The unique sound characterised by a strong bass, unmistakable voice, and personal lyrics made Es ist Abend und wir sitzen bei mir an interesting release even for those who don’t speak German.

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