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Sabrina Carpenter Releases “emails i can’t send”

On emails i can’t send, Sabrina Carpenter releases a collection of pop gems and deep cuts unlike any of her previous work. The album rollout is an instant hit among fans and pop fanatics obsessed with the Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett drama.

On "emails i can't send," Sabrina Carpenter releases a collection of pop gems and deep cuts unlike any of her previous work.
via Instagram @sabrinacarpenter: […] this feels really surreal, i kind of had to unlearn myself and learn myself again in order to make this album. it’s the one i’m most proud of thus far in my life. it’s the one i hope you listen to and feel like we were hanging and confiding in each other for an hour. me and the mic were like this the whooole time🤞i never thought i would finish it because it was really scary to close the chapter. but i closed it so you can open it! and i hope you do. and i hope you love it. the way i have for so long. […]
On release night, Carpenter releases the circus-themed video for “because I liked a boy,” with her as the fool. In this music era, she owns every unkind word haters have called her… and makes it into merch! Because of her album acclaim and social media buzz, this subdued yet feisty record sees Carpenter more of a main pop girl than an ex-act.

emails i can’t send Album Review

This album is Carpenter’s follow-up to Carpenter’s 2019 “Singular: Act II.” However, on emails i can’t send, she expressed that this record has turned into her most honest and personal one; she says it is “the first one where I am myself.” Entirely recorded in New York, Carpenter’s fifth album delivers dynamic production and intense emotions.

The first track is a piano ballad, where the artist’s voice grows and waivers as the chords swell. She sings, “And thanks to you, I, I can’t love right / I get nice guys and villainize them / Read their texts like they’re havin’ sex right now.” And just as the song hits its peak, Carpenter seeps into quiet rage and pleads, “Please fuckin’ fix this /’Cause you were all I looked up to / Now I can’t even look at you.” This message is perhaps the core of emails i can’t send: a record full of anger, sadness, and regret.

It is hard to pick a favorite track when Carpenter presents 13 cohesive pop masterpieces. Whether you want subtle pop like “Vicious” and “skinny dipping” or full 80 synths like “Read you Mind” or “Fast Times,” you will find your peace. Or maybe you want the Ariana-esque pop-R&B “Nonsense,” or the soft, lush pop “Already Over.” There are many vibes to find in Sabrina Carpenter’s well-thought-out album. But it all ends with “decode,” where she decides to stop hurting herself over this person. 

“because i liked a boy” Music Video

On emails i can't send, Sabrina Carpenter releases a collection of pop gems and deep cuts unlike any of her previous work.
via Instagram @sabrinacarpenter: 30 minutes i am not well are u up

What starts as a mellow, lovey-dovey guitar turned into a dark pop track about love gone wrong. It is one of the more interestingly constructed songs on the record. As the lyrical content alludes to the Rodrigo-Bassett drama, the production also tells an increasingly hallucinating, crazed, and awkward story. Slowly, the beloved star of the circus, Carpenter, begins to be picked on by others and is soon all alone.

In conversation with Rolling Stone, Carpenter said the song “came from a really real place in [her] life.” She’d dealt with “years where people were believing all these things that people were saying” that wasn’t true. “It was very therapeutic to write that song from hindsight and being like, ‘Wow, one thing leads to another, and things can really get out of hand,’” she finished.


What do you think of Sabrina Carpenter’s new album, emails i can’t send? Let us know in the comments!

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