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Sabrina Carpenter Lives in “Fast Times”

Popstar Sabrina Carpenter released her latest single “Fast Times,” following up to last year’s “Skinny Dipping.”

“Fast Times” Shows a Different Side of Sabrina

“Fast Times” arrives via Island Records. The track was written by Sabrina, John Ryan, alongside singer-songwriters Julia Michaels and J.P. Saxe; so you can already expect it to be a hit! (spoiler – it is!) The song shows a different side than what Sabrina has shown fans recently with her singles “Skinny Dipping” and “Skin,” which are slow-paced ballads. The new song, on the opposite side, is fiery, fast-paced, and even challenging.

The music video for “Fast Times” is like a whole action movie. In the visuals, Sabrina goes undercover while portraying different personalities; including secret agent and party girl. While trying to steal a big suitcase full of money, she has to go through different obstacles, which she conquers. In the end, we see Sabrina dressed in a beautiful shiny golden dress while walking in a room full of lasers, which she evades; giving her full access to the prize.

The Song is About Being Young and Making Mistakes

Celebrating the song release, Sabrina sent an email to her fans explaining the meaning of “Fast Times.” “This song makes me feel really excited to be alive! Writing it was one of the coolest experiences because it truly captured how I’ve felt the last few years. Seems like we are judged so critically in these times of our lives where we are just figuring everything out. Makes us wanna change ourselves or fight our instincts, but we should never fight what our heart is telling us! We just have to take risks, and live and learn from our mistakes. We can’t change the past, we can only learn to accept it, and find the fun in all of it.”

Last month, Sabrina made headlines by starring in EMERGENCY, which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. She recently appeared as a guest on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she talked about the movie and more music on the way.

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