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Ariana Grande’s Positions Album is now Deluxe

Ariana Grande has added four new songs to his latest album, Positions. The new songs follow the vibe from the album and are the perfect way to give this album what it deserves. All of the four new songs that the deluxe album includes are around the lines of being two minutes long. Although short-length, they give the album a great finish. 

‘someone like you’ & ‘test drive’

First of all, we have ‘Someone like u,’ which serves as an interlude between the standard edition of the album with the deluxe version. Although this song only has a length of one minute and 16 seconds, Ariana makes her message clear. She’s been waiting for this specific person for quite a while. In the line “Baby, this time, please don’t be too good to be true”, she clues at her past relationship with stars such as Mac Miller, Pete Davidson, and Big Sean. Hinting that they weren’t quite what she was looking for; and that her current fiancé, Dalton Gomez, is the one she’s been waiting for.

Next up, we have ‘test drive’. This is an upbeat song where she compares her relationship to a test drive. She tells her partner she doesn’t need to take one, as she’s sure that she wants to stay with him. In a countdown live stream for the ‘34+35 Remix’ music video, Ariana revealed that she had a hard time deciding between ‘test drive’ and ‘love language’ for the standard edition of the album. “That was my dilemma in putting the original tracklist together. It was kind of like, the hardest decision for me was whether or not ‘test drive’ or ‘love language’ was gonna fill that spot. I loved how it ended up, I wouldn’t change anything about it really.”

Ariana in ‘worst behavior’ & ‘main thing’

On ‘worst behavior’ Ariana sings about acting differently than she usually does with her new partner. She shows a different side of her while asking her lover to keep their relationship a secret, as this is not something temporary for her. “This ain’t no game won’t play with you / This time I know I’ll stay with you / Just promise you won’t say nothin’…No phone, no pics, no postin’ us.” This is accurate to her relationship with her fiancé Dalton Gomez, as they are known for keeping their relationship very private.

Lastly, ‘main thing’ is a sweet slower ballad that confirms all the feelings that Ariana has for Dalton once again. “You, oh you’re really different, baby / You, you might be the main thing, baby”. In a Youtube live stream, Ariana said what she would do if she had to replace a song from the album’s original tracklist with one of the songs that were added on the deluxe edition. “I think I would take ‘my hair’ out, just ‘cause it’s an older song, and replace it with something that was like written during the time of this being born, like ‘main thing’.

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