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Aurora Releases New Single “The Devil Is Human”

Norweigan folk and artpop singer Aurora recently released a haunting new track: “The Devil Is Human” as a single. Previously part of her most recent album The Gods We Can Touch, released January of this year, Aurora has decided to re-release this track as its own single.


An Eerie Track 

Ethereal and otherworldly, Aurora’s tone and creepy instrumental in this piece perfectly encapsulate the mood of her song. The lyrics of the song itself makes a mockery of a religious figure and the constricting rules the figure puts on women.

“Father, don’t blame us for trying to live

How life for me is green, running barеfoot through the fields?

Oh, does it hurt how I don’t look at you with fear?

Do you like to watch me kneel, ’cause the way it makes you feel?”

Aurora The Devil Is a Human

The Devil is Human — and a Woman

When speaking about the meaning of her single, Aurora says: “We [women] get sexualised by the world, and yet shamed for being sexual. They [society] want to possess you and own you, and even decide what you get to do with your own body. We are not free until all of us are free.” 


“The world have tried for many years to burn women who were strong, who were brilliant, brave and free-spirited,” Aurora continues. “The devil is human, or apparently the devil is a woman. You can burn the skin we live in, but you cannot burn the witch away. #ourbodyourchoice.”


Aurora’s music has been described as having a childlike quality with her pure singing voice, and yet it is this song and the indie, not-so-innocent feel she has brought throughout her music that has made her music, and this track in particular, so memorable, nearly disturbing, and completely unforgettable. 

Check out “The Devil Is Human” here!

Aurora is going on upcoming performances in Romania, Spain, Norway, France and Belgium. For more information, click here!

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