Sabrina Carpenter Released “Skinny Dipping” (Acoustic)

22 year old pop artist, Sabrina Carpenter released an acoustic version of her recent single “Skinny Dipping” towards the end of October. It was just this last September that she dropped the original version of this nostalgic track. However, this slightly slower recreation makes the song even more nostalgic.


Carpenter’s “Skinny Dipping” (Acoustic) Meaning

The meaning of Sabrina Carpenter’s new released song, “Skinny Dipping” (Acoustic) is about the reunion with a presumably former lover. Throughout the lyrics, she reflects on the relationship she once had with this person. As she sings in the pre-chorus “Arguments in your garage, all the ways we sabotaged it, what it was and what it wasn’t”. Although reuniting with this person seems to be going well, she recognizes that they had issues. She is not over romanticizing the past relationship. In fact, she is self aware and takes precautions before getting too close again. As followed by the pre-chorus “It’d be so nice, right? Right? If we could take it all off and just exist and skinny dip in water under the bridge.” Sabrina feels like she may want to have some kind of relationship with them again, but she’s unsure of what that will lead to making her hesitant.

“Skinny Dipping” (Acoustic) exemplifies the message that one should be cautious when they talk to their ex again. Carpenter’s lyrics are a relatable feeling for many people. They validate the struggles many people experience when it comes to trying to be on good terms with their ex partner. Reliving the good parts of the relationship is what is hoped for, but unfortunately it is usually more complicated than that. As Carpenter tells, having a good reunion with an ex doesn’t erase the past. In other words, it is important to remember that the relationship ended for a reason.

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