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Lizzo Surprise Drops Remix of “Special” with SZA

After her stellar Grammys performance, Lizzo surprises fans with a remix of her song “Special” featuring SZA. However, SZA revealed that she will not be releasing a remix of her own “Special” in an Instagram live with the “About Damn Time” singer.

“What? No, cus n***** spend too much time attacking me for that song. You n***** get nothing from me.”

SZA denies rumors of a remix of her song “Special” on Lizzo’s Instagram live
After her stellar GRAMMYs performance, Lizzo surprises fans with a remix of her song "Special" featuring SZA. However, SZA revealed that she will not release a remix of her own "Special" in a Instagram live with the "About Damn Time" singer.
Credit: Lizzo, official Twitter

Lizzo took the whole Grammys audience to church with her performance of the original “Special” track. No choreography, just a gospel choir and powerhouse vocals. While not on stage she was cheering on tablemates Adele, Harry Styles and Beyoncé on their well-deserved wins.

Even while losing out on Album of The Year with 2022’s Special, Beyoncé’s cheers for Lizzo’s Record of The Year win for “About Damn Time” marked a beautiful and historic moment. The last black female artist to win that was Whitney Houston with “I Will Always Love You” in 1994.

“Special (feat. SZA)” by Lizzo

Per her interview with DJ Zane Lowe, the “Juice” singer mentioned the song was originally titled “In Case Nobody Told You.” But Lizzo let TikTok hear more of the song’s uplifting message.

“I’ve always wanted to make my momma proud. Today was her first time hearing my new music. She told me she has ALWAYS been proud of me. (Even in my crazy rock star sleeping in my car days). She always made me feel special. In case nobody told you yet… you’re special. Keep going. I’m proud of you.”

Lizzo via TikTok

Although there is no sonic shift to the upbeat trumpet anthem, SZA adds her own sparkle to the intro. She starts off the verse battling self-doubt. “Woke up this mornin’ to somebody judgin’ me,” she says. “No surprise they judgin’ me, don’t know who I’m ‘posed to be / I’m just actin’ up, I’m rash as fuck, and never sayin’ sorry.”

But the “Kill Bill” singer ends her verse finding her new superpower: self-love. “You just lack empathy ’cause you think it gives you power / All I know is only God can judge me / I don’t hide my heart, I wear it on me.” The song’s message is not lost on Lizzo– only amplified through SZA.

What do you think of Lizzo’s new remix of “Special” featuring SZA? Let us know in the comments!

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