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MD Discovery: High Sunn

Today on MD Discovery, we look at High Sunn, a lulling dream pop band that has been entrancing listeners since 2014. Let’s check out this dreamy band together! 

High Sunn

Garageband Origins

The story of High Sunn starts with Justin Cheromiah, an eager, young 14-year-old artist who decided to upload his rock home recordings in 2014. Cheromiah would create his own music, composing his debut album on Bandcamp in 2014 and following it up with dozens of other singles, EPs, and album work, with “song drafts” continually in the works. Soon, Cheromiah would team up with Arianna Vazuez (bassist), Freddy Rivera (lead guitarist), Tristin Sovannarath (drums), and Joe Jensen (drums) to form a full band.

Cheromiah’s underground work in 2014 would pave the way for more melodic work in the future, leading to High Sunn’s first album “Missed Connections” in 2018. In addition, as he wove his way in the musical world, he experimented with numerous styles of music, including punk, pop, alternative, and rock. Since their inception, High Sunn has released over 18 albums! 

A Dream-pop Vibe for High Sunn

Cheromiah’s ancestry is diverse, with roots in Chinese, German, Filipino, and Native American culture. Thus, it should be no surprise that High Sunn’s music involves a lot of fusion. There is the Japanese influence in the anime/manga cover art, the lo-fi, dream-like state of his music that blends indie-pop with rock, as well as influences from Taiwanese pop in much of his music. 

High Sunn has a lot of songs about romance, with each new album deepening the relationship between love and art. Early works of High Sunn talk about love in a broader sense, with fewer words to describe it. Newer albums, on the other hand, discuss love in more articulate ways, such as in the song “Your Tissues”:

“I fell deep in to you /

Without comparing my past truth / 

It’s no longer a part / 

That’s haunting my dreams”

High Sunn has also described their recent music as having a “new mature sound,” with a new brightness in his music as they describe being in true love. Truly, art comes from the experiences from within oneself, and it’s great to see that High Sunn is able to share that with their listeners. 

Check out High Sunn’s future projects by clicking here!  

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