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Tove Lo Continues Sci-Fi Love Story on “Borderline”

Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo is continuing her Dirt Femme era with “Borderline.”

The Love Story From “No One Dies From Love” Continues

Last spring, Tove surprised us by releasing “No One Dies From Love,” the first teaser of her fifth studio album released later in 2022. Most surprisingly, though, was the music video for the song, where the singer dated a robot but later on decided to start dating a different robot instead. At the end of the video, we can see that the first robot is completely heartbroken.

Fast forward to the present, and Tove is now giving us “Borderline,” another song that narrates a estranged love story. In the music video, she’s continuing the story where “No One Dies From Love” ended, where we can see what happened with Annie (the robot’s name) since then. 

An Intense Music Video

In the powerful visuals, we can see that Annie is now working as a car crash robot, where humans use her to predict how a car crash may affect people. Not long after, she steals a car and escapes from the facility, and has Tove captive in the trunk of the car.

The couple then gets to have fun just like old times, but by the end of the video, a police car is already chasing Annie and Tove. Annie then chooses to hit the gas pedal and go as fast as she can, ultimately ending on a deadly crash. Well, only for Tove, as the robot survives. 

“‘Borderline’ is a song about being on the edge of love,” Tove said. “The drama you cause inside yourself and with another person if you feel insecure. You test them. This song has existed for a long time and I’ve always felt it was incredibly special so getting to release it now has sort of a full circle feeling. Maybe that’s why it was the perfect song for Annie’s revenge video. I hope my fans love the bizarre love story that unfolds in this video, it’s my favorite kind of thing!”

Tove Lo Wrote “Borderline” With Dua Lipa

Another surprise that comes out of this song is that it was actually co-written by Tove Lo and Dua Lipa. Originally, the song was meant to be for Dua’s Future Nostalgia album, but after she later scrapped it for the project, Tove decided to keep it for herself. After all these years, we’re finally getting to hear it!

“Thank you to the usual suspects I can’t live without Ludde and Jakob and tons of love to Dua Lipa for trusting me with this baby!” Tove shared on social media. “This is the very first song we wrote together and the very start of our friendship so this feels extra special.” 

Tove already had songwriter credits on Dua’s song “Cool,” which made it into Future Nostalgia. It’s very likely that both of these songs came out from the same writing session! What are your thoughts?

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