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Lauran Hibberd is Back With “Still Running (5K)”

Rising British singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd released her first taste of music of the year with “Still Running (5K)” accompanied by DJ Lethal.

Lauran Accepts Herself on “Still Running (5K)”

Last year, Lauran blessed our ears with a couple of new single offerings. Throughout 2021, she released the tracks “How Am I Still Alive?”, “Bleugh,” and “Charlie’s Car” along with her EP Goober. Now, she’s back and better than ever, as her new single “Still Running (5K)” is letting us see yet another side of this genre-defying artist.

It’s clear that Lauran is not afraid of being herself when it comes to making new music. All of her songs generally have an electric sound to them, focusing on her vocals and intriguing instrumentals. “Still Running (5K)” is not the exception, as the song gives us a sign of electric pop and bedroom pop all at once.

“If ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy’ I obviously don’t want myself to be happy,” Lauran explains. “’Still Running (5k)’ explores my self-destructive ideals. In a world where everyone’s life looks better online, and everyone’s thighs don’t touch except in real life, it explains what it feels like to start believing what you read. It’s dangerous to compare your life to others, and it’s somewhat humorous that this is what we let ourselves become. Being the first track off my debut album, with newer hip hop influences, but the same humor-coated stomach aches, I have managed to successfully write a song all about running on the premise that it has absolutely nothing to do with running.”

Her Debut Album Garageband Superstar is Out Later This Year!

“Still Running (5K)” takes part in Lauran’s debut album Garageband Superstar, set for release on August 19 via Virgin Music.

“[The album] is named after the first track I wrote for this album,” Lauran adds. “It made sense to me to call it this because I sometimes do feel like I’m famous when I’m in my bedroom and writing songs on Garageband. Also, I’m very aware that as soon as I leave that space, I’m just like everyone else. And I’m ok with that”.

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