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Nicki Minaj is FINALLY on Carpool Karaoke

There are few female musicians as well-known and respected as Nicki Minaj. The argument can be made that Nicki isn’t as good as she used to be, that she fell off. Even so, the impact of her career can be felt to this day by other female musicians. With that, the only logical cycle for her would be to keep churning out music and go on tour. Continuing to be representative for female rappers everywhere… Until then though, let’s go on Carpool Karaoke

Yep, the light and simple YouTube series hosted by Late Late Show Host James Corden finally features Nicki Minaj! If you haven’t seen Carpool Karaoke, first off do you live under a rock? Secondly, the show tends to be a simple interview and singing whatever hits correspond to the interviewee. This has a long history of being successful and spawning lots of talk online about the episodes. The amount of memes people make alone is indicative, not of the quality, but the popularity. 

As for Nicki Minaj this was a long time coming. During the interview James asked her about how she balanced her anxieties and confidences. On top of that, they discussed how Nicki’s career has changed with the times. Plus, there’s some time dedicated to Nicki’s motherhood. I won’t spoil the answers or other quirky aspects of the episode. Feel free to check it out below. 

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