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Vibee Gives Music Fans a Curated, Destination Experience

Introducing: Vibee

Attention concert and travel fanatics – a new company, Vibee, invents a one-of-a-kind travel experience centered around music to bond fans with their favorite artists. Vibee is founded by Live Nation and partners with beloved live event and festival producers. These include: Insomniac, C3 Presents, and Country Nation. Music lovers travel to some of the most beautiful destinations the world has to offer. Vibee grants them the opportunity to engage in eye opening multi-day events with big-name artists. 

A Music Destination Experience Like No Other

It should be noted, Vibee does not exclude any specific music genre or fan, as everyone is welcome. And the festival and residence is provided to fit your needs and interests. However, the main objective is to further the relationship between fans and the artists they deeply admire. The way the company will achieve this is through Curated Experiences, Festival Integrations, and Las Vegas Residencies.

Firstly, Vibee’s curated destination experiences involve multi-day events accompanied by popular artists in the Bahamas, Mexico, and other locations. But this also caters to the fans interests. Fans can choose to eat at the finest of restaurants, do spirit tastings, participate in artist conversations and panels, health and wellness courses, and so much more!

Secondly, partnering with Insomniac, Vibee organizes incredible experiences and festivals. Insomniac is a credible event promoter behind annual concerts and festivals worldwide for a whopping 7 million attendees. This partnership also entails EDSea, a music festival experience on a cruise ship. Inspired by the biggest electronic dance music festival in the world, Electric Daisy Carnival, fans can rage together on one adventure-filled boat.

Lastly, the company will announce several upcoming events which will include a Fall trip to the Bahamas with a music veteran, a four-day Cabo adventure with a notorious DJ, and a country music weekend in Nashville. 

Upcoming Events And Festivals:

May 19-22: Hotel EDC

June 16-18: Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge

June 24-25: Day Trip Festival

June 23-26: BEACH IT!

August 3-6: Lollapalooza 2023

August 11-13: TidalWave Music Festival

September 21-25: Format Festival 

Oct 6-8: ACL Festival 

Oct 13-15: ACL Festival 

November 4-8: EDSea

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