Kim Petras Is Ready To “Feed The Beast”

Pride month's first Featured Artist belongs to someone currently changing the pop landscape one hit after another...

After many years climbing into pop stardom, Kim Petras finally prepares for her major-label debut album, Feed The Beast, out June 23. Years ago, the star opened for Troye Sivan as an independent artist with a handful of the completed Era 1 singles. Now, Petras made history as the first openly transgender artist to win a Grammy in the Pop Duo/Group Performance category for her chart-breaking hit with Sam Smith “Unholy.”

If her Madonna-esque debut single, “I Don’t Want It At All,” doesn’t scream iconic, then maybe the Paris Hilton cameo will.

This cosmic crossover isn’t a blimp, but an everlasting sisterhood that led Paris down the aisle– yes, Petras sang at Paris’s wedding. The duo have attended the VMAs together, red carpets, and even dared the MET Gala stairs for Marc Jacobs. Now, the blonde squad revive Paris’s cult-classic “Stars Are Blind” with new sultry synths and a spectacular Petras verse.

“I love Kim so much. I was in her first music video and we have a new song… together,” Hilton told Billboard back in December.  However, the socialite may have referred to “All She Wants,” which received the throw-away treatment along with the Problematique project.

However, Paris is only the latest collaborator in Petras’s world where as Nicki Minaj’s effort on the Alice Deejay-sampled “Alone” remains unmatched. The European-dance tease got its long-awaited fulfillment with a 5-piece remix collection from DJs Alex Chapman, Dallas X and more. Meghan Trainor’s remix of “Made You Look” is more of a superstar smackdown with Petras’s vocal gymnastics and quirky vibrato. But let’s not forget her star-making No. 1 Sam Smith-collaboration “Unholy” already achieving one billion streams in less than a year and spawning an insane Grammy performance.

Feed The Beast by Kim Petras

Her major-label debut album, Feed The Beast, out June 23 will feature A-list collaborations, including a song with Banks, titled “Bate.” Its track list consist of previous leaks from the scrapped Problematique project, and newer tracks that Petras previewed on Instagram Live and performed at the SI Swimsuit launch event in Florida.

She revealed that there will be an accompanying summer tour for the fast-approaching pop masterpiece and cultural reset.

“After the ‘Problématique’ leak happened, my A&R Wendy Goldstein and I had a little meeting and she was like, ‘Well, this stuff happens. It’s life. Go and write more. Challenge yourself to the limit and go feed the beast.’ And that’s what I did, and so that’s how the title came along.”

Kim Petras talks to Women’s Wear Daily about the inspiration behind the title for Feed The Beast

Her past efforts were such as Turn Off The Lights and Clarity were all independently released and described as “mixtapes”– to some extent. Both project pushed the Bunheadz fanbase to new extremes, and even more after Kylie Jenner used her song “Throat Goat” from her Slut Pop EP in an Instagram story.

Earlier in the year, Petras received the Chartbreaker Award at Billboard’s Women in Music and performed her single “brrr.” The singer glowed amongst with other female artist like Olivia Rodrigo, Lana Del Rey, SZA, Rosalia, Doechii, and K-pop group Twice.

Are you ready for Kim Petras to unleash her major-label debut album, Feed The Beast? Let us know in the comments!

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