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Kim Petras Sends Shivers With New Single “Brrr”

“Unholy” pop sensation Kim Petras proves that dark pop is just as dangerous as frostbite on her newest single, “Brrr.”

On January 21, the German singer joined collaborator Sam Smith on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest, with Aubrey Plaza hosting. This appearance solidified Petras as the first transgender act to grace the SNL stage.

She will appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight (January 23) for the debut performance of the track, and a sit-down interview.

Kim Petras (Photographed by Jason Al-Taann)

“Brrr” By Kim Petras

From the first tease (“Beat so cold I got hypothermia,”) the song’s supersonic bass and hidden vocals had an icy touch. In fact, fans theorized that this single’s release was “Icy 2.0” given the sonic similarities. However, upon release, she playfully denied comparing the two masterpieces in a tweet: “why pit two strong trans women against each other?”

The single’s grainy and texturized photoshoots reveal Petras braving the cold with only skin and her skimpy outfit. Whether lined with brown fur or denim, the star is effortlessly smoking hot. But, on the single she is the coldest of cold—right down to the last shivering high note.


After her scrapped debut album (titled Probematique) last year, Kim returns with a revamped record “this summer.” She tells Rolling Stone, “That original album got me through the pandemic. But I also realized in that process that I was just doing what I always do; I was writing escapist pop songs about wanting to get away from everything.”

However, this new record is already showing a more vulnerable side to Petras. On “If Jesus Was A Rockstar,” she contemplates and reconstructs religion around her transgender identity. And on “Brrr,” Petras gets the cold shoulder from someone, but isn’t afraid of the resistance– she wants more.

She continues, “It’s more important for me to talk about the things that are actually meaningful to me in real life. I’ve always been very guarded about letting people in, where I have the stage persona that’s kind of a b—h who gets whatever she wants. It’s a very different thing for me, and it’s vulnerable and strange to open up like this.”

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