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TWICE are “READY TO BE” on Tour Again!

The K-pop girl group sensation TWICE has announced their 5th and largest world tour, “READY TO BE”. On March 10th, they are set to come back with their 12th mini-album of the same name. The release of their pre-release of “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,” their newest glamorous pop-trap English track, has made their fans (named Once) around the world anticipate a tour and new music. 

TWICE has been on a non-stop growth ever since their debut in 2015, and now the size of this tour will show their hard work paid off. Ahead of their last mini-album, BETWEEN 1&2, the group renewed their contract for another seven years. The term “7-year curse” is used amongst the K-pop fan community, as there are not many groups who renew their contracts. Some groups might renew, but lose members. If the group does gain enough fame, usually they will pursue solo careers. 

Yet, TWICE has worked hard enough to last seven years. They are one of JYP Entertainment’s worldwide successes. TWICE has decided to renew, with influences from their recent English singles making it big in the U.S. 

In July of last year, the members expressed to Teen Vogue that they are grateful for all the love they have received during their careers. However, they debuted with a fresh, cute, and bubbly image as young girls. As they navigate their way in the complex Korean pop industry, they now want to prioritize their health. TWICE are clearly talented and full of passion. They want to keep their image, but also “upgrade” themselves, so they can make music for a long time. 

One of the nine members, Dahyun, recently told PEOPLE, “There are places that we haven’t been able to visit in the last two or three years because of the pandemic. So we would like to revisit those places and reunite with Once there.”

The first part of the tour announcement states TWICE will be stopping in at various cities in Korea, Australia, Japan, and the U.S. The tour starts in mid-April and ends in July. Keep in mind, JYP will announce more dates soon, so do not fret if you can’t spot your city.

Check out the dates below!

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