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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Collabing for ‘RR’ EP

Relationship goals! The couple will be releasing their joint EP on March 24th.

Latin artists Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have announced their three-song project, “RR.” The couple are collabing for the first time and fans are excited to see what the musical chemistry will look like!

The power couple were rumored to be romantically involved back in 2019, and their romance was confirmed in September 2021. Though they have never released an official collaboration yet, they’ve been involved in each other’s music in other ways before. Rosalía had supplied backup vocals for Rauw’s 2020 song, ‘Dile a Él’, from his album Afrodisíaco. 

This EP follows the drop of Rosalía’s single, ‘LLYLM’, where Rosalía hits her fans with English lyrics. The chorus and acronym of the title sings, “Baby Lie Like You Love Me.” This was her first drop of the year and was pretty successful as fans loved hearing her speak in English. Rauw Alejandro also had a recent release, “TAMO EN NOTA” which dropped back in February.


The EP was announced on March 13th with a joint Instagram post. The Spanish singer and Puerto Rican reggaeton star posted the project’s cover art; a paint based logo with a pair of black Rs interlaced in front of a red background.

‘RR’ Album Cover-Spotify

 The Rs intertwined seem to symbolize how intertwined the couple are, especially after the following day where the couple teased the EP with a TikTok. The TikTok showed Rosalía and Alejandro snuggled up and mouthing the lyrics to their track, “Beso.”

The EP has three songs, “Beso,” “Vampiros” and “Promesa.” The couple had been teasing a collaboration for a while, mentioning in an interview with Billboard, “We’ve been in the studio together, as you know… We’ll see, we’ll see.” They gush over each other’s musical talents, and how much chemistry they have in the studio. It looks like this album is going to be intimate and full of love! 

Not to mention, the teaser trailer for “BESO” received over 5.4 million views in its first hour on Instagram. Here’s the trailer:

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