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Meghan Trainor & Kim Petras Remix “Made You Look”

Kim Petras joins Grammy winner Meghan Trainor's remix of her comeback single, “Made You Look.”

Grammy-winning artist Meghan Trainor gets Kim Petras on the remix of her TikTok viral single, “Made You Look.” The single has amassed over 3.7 M videos on the video platform and 266M streams on Spotify.

Grammy-winning artist Meghan Trainor gets Kim Petras on the remix of her TikTok viral single, “Made You Look.”
Courtesy of Epic Records

The original song was the second single from Trainor’s fourth album, Takin’ It Back. More importantly, the single is a love letter to her postpartum body issues and peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

But how can you make “Made You Look” even more addictive? You enlist the “Unholy” sensation Kim Petras and her insane vocals to slay the remix. With over 760M streams on the Grammy-nominated collaboration with Sm Smith, Petras”s starpower will continue to grow. 

In fact, the German singer is currently hyping her latest single “brrr,” landing late night appearances, and talking about new music and touring

“Made You Look (Remix)” By Meghan Trainor And Kim Petras

Last week, Trainor posted a TikTok with Petras strutting in the studio in a chic oversized Chanel blazer. But the audio was never-heard-before vocal slayage (courtesy of Petras) atop of the snap-pop “Made You Look” audio. 

The video’s caption went “The mom friend, The party friend” paired with a single release date after a cute flip moment.

While the single artwork is a PicsArt nightmare, the remixed track is every bit of iconic with Petras’s undeniable spark.

The upbeat track follows a different second verse with Petras’s own lyrics. And although the trumpet track sounds very PG, the lyrics are rated R. Not so far off from last year’s Slut Pop EP from Petras.

“Don’t be shy, just put your hands on me / One night I’ll let you live your wildest dreams / Tell me what you, what you, what you gonna do.”

The true Petras touch is her mouth-watering high notes and harmonies perfectly showcased in the last chorus. Trainor is the anchor on “Made You Look,” centering every sweet spot and doo-wap. If the original track didn’t tickle your fancy, the remix is every bit more orgasmic. (I mean just listen to the lyrics!)

What do you think of Meghan Trainor’s “Made You Look (Remix)” with Kim Petras? Let us know in the comments!

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